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Your goal is to enjoy the game and not to let the chain reaction stop. The longer you play, the more obstacles you will encounter on your way. In return, enjoy the hypnotizing domino effect. Achieve the best score, unlock new, interesting, unique and beautiful dominoes! Now get ready and start the chain reaction!

On the way of the falling dominoes various obstacles will appear and stop the chain reaction if you don't intervene and remove them in different ways. The further you go, the more your skill and reaction will improve! Also, don't forget to collect crystals that will bring you more currency!

◆ The game is suitable for all ages.
◆ No time limit, enjoy the domino effect.
◆ Perfect domino effect.
◆ The more you play, the more different dominoes you can get.
◆ There is a tutorial in the game.
◆ Improves your reaction.

The game will only get better over time!

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